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Time to Wake Up!

When I was at university, I was faced with very smart, very sincere professors who propagated the teachings of progressive Christianity in my classes, and I became nervous that their education would be enough to convince me that my own conservative upbringing was just an illusion. Looking back, I wonder if putting myself in that position, to begin with, was a good idea, but in the end, I came out of the higher education system more grounded in my evangelical than before. I am firmly convinced that orthodox (or historic) Christianity has all the power that it claims to have and more, and that progressive Christianity is the real illusion (hence the title of the book, A Grand Illusion).

The guys from The Caffeinated Podcast invited me to discuss this topic of progressive Christianity and how it seeks to undermine a biblical faith. You can listen to their podcast using the link below or on most podcast outlets.

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