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Learning About the Holy Spirit

You’re a busy person. Not a lot of spare time to sit around.

Kind of like the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is a bit of a blur to study, because he never sits still for long. As we see throughout the Book of Acts, he’s always up to something.

That’s why it’s appropriate that my new book on the Holy Spirit is a fast-paced invitation to action. It’s Holy Spirit: Filled, Empowered, and Led, and it just launched a little over a week ago.

If you buy the book, trust me: You won’t be sitting long. It’s a quick read which calls you to Spirit-led adventure.

Because the Renew Team and I want this book to be as useful as possible, anyone who buys a copy by July 7th, 2021 is invited to join me for an author Q&A (register here) where you can ask me your most practical questions.

  • Are you curious how your church can go from keeping the Spirit at arms’ length to letting him fill and empower your church?

  • Do you wonder what a secular culture can learn from spirit-permeated worldviews such as we find in Africa?

  • What is a good daily plan for inviting the Holy Spirit to lead your steps and guide your leadership?

If you could use a fast-paced, action-oriented guide to let the Holy Spirit fill, empower, and lead you, then here are three steps to take:

  1. Buy the book.

  2. Read it (it’s a quick read).

  3. Bring your questions to the Q&A with author David Young on July 7th at 7:00 pm CT, which is an exclusive event for people who buy a copy. (When you register, please have your Amazon order number ready.)

We really hope you’ll buy the book and join the Q&A. For busy people, the invitation to a Spirit-led life is great news—because it means your work will outlast you.


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